Blogsnark Reddit Blogsnark RedditInfluencer Discussion, Friday Jun 25. Go to blogsnark r/blogsnark Extremely late to this conversation (lurker), but I cannot believe there is so little discussion of House Inhabit on Reddit. Influencer Discussion, Monday Oct 10. Blogsnark was created and remains to be a space to share witty and sarcastic commentary on bloggers and influencers. Last week's thread | Blogsnark Reads Megaspreadsheet Hey friends! It’s Sunday and while that can mean many things, it only…. Cup of Jo announces divorce : r/UncensoredBlogsnark. I don't know if it counts as a "site of yesteryear" when Reblogging Donk still exists, but RBD is a different (and, frankly, creepier) place now that Julia is no longer actually blogging and all the "reblogged" content comes from her Facebook posts. Influencer Discussion, Wednesday Sep 14. John is going through chemo and Lorna forces him to galavant and drink rosé, putting him into situations that aren’t the safest for him heath-wise. I saw someone mention blogsnark in a thread and joined reddit shortly after soley to be able to participate at BS. Cute maternity clothes are both expensive and hard to find. Rather than my usual words of reading encouragement, I highly recommend that you read up on the current situation surrounding Reddit’s plan to …. Bunhead Snark: May/June Edition. More posts from the blogsnark community. " I sort of hate watched them a few years ago when I was bored. Since creators openly disclose their life online, some …. You don't call your child's boss for any reason, no matter how sensational the context is. 26 Posted by 1 day ago Influencer Daily Daily Snark , Monday Oct 16 Here's your daily place to snark on the antics of your favorite influencers, TikTokers, YouTubers, …. This was removed from r/blogsnark because it breaks the following rule(s): Do not discuss friends, family members or those related to influencers that are not public figures/influencers. Reddit vs Quora: What are the Similarities? 2. , someone is not grieving in the way you think they should) is not allowed. and the stovetop mac n cheese (are you sensing a theme here?). Snark Sites of Yesteryear : r/blogsnark. This Week's Links Yesterday's Post [deleted] • 7 mo. Do not attempt to diagnose mental or physical health conditions, including eating disorders. Participants in Blogsnark are quick to identify lifestyle bloggers who provide a carefully manicured, idealized image of their lives as being . Included on the list were things like dog walking, doing task rabbit, and flipping furniture. There was just a bunch of posts in the FF forum about the difference between the terms counter top, bench, and worktop for whatever you prepare food. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. I remember being very much caught up in the snark communities (stupid_free/sf_drama) and the drama of lolcows like Aria-star. Wednesday: Chicken spaghetti and steamed broccoli. Another month of rodeos and sourdough, yeehaw! Jessica at ThreeRiversHomestead shared that her husband's only birthday wish is "to come home to a perfectly clean house". Jessica Quirk ends “What I Wore” : r/blogsnark. Lived with him in some hippie love shack where she made him eat sprouts and not much else (not hating on the vegans ilyguys) and homeschooled him. The dual serum is really nice, as is the watery oil, the day cream is horrible (like pills, even if you aren't wearing makeup over). The place to discuss Blogging Away Debt, Frugalwoods, The Prudent Homemaker, and the rest of your favorite penny pinching, budgeting, debt reducing, and financial planning bloggers. Sam from Financial Samurai donating copies of his book (signed!) while others are donating up …. This was removed from r/blogsnark because it breaks the following rule(s): Do not discuss/encourage reporting content violations to platforms. r/blogsnark on Reddit: Frugal & Financial Blogger/Influencer Snark. Abcroc Sarah Tondello is a racist, PM for receipts • 6 yr. Even if her sm posts are mundane snippets of her life or stuff about her kids, the equation holds true. No snarking on or excessive discussion of minor children, including speculation about developmental delays or children's reactions or emotions. 7M visitors and 910,265,515 page impressions per day. This includes interactions with employers, sponsors, or others connected to bloggers/influencers and at least on Reddit is now basically a right wing dogwhistle. My partner and I are finally throwing in the towel on ever being green thumbs, and expecting our cats to learn to stop eating plants. The only one I read now is Addicted to Decorating. I feel bad for her husband who is literally trapped in that construction zone fun house. To talk about what you're cooking or get recipe recommendations, go to Blogsnark Cooks instead. Frills' asking 100K more for a 4 bed 3 bath than her neighbor's 5 bed 4 bath. She is perhaps the worst blogger of all time and a really shit person. Any 71toes followers here? I tried searching and only found one archived post from years ago. But it is sensational and TECHNICALLY related to work, so Alison posts the letter anyways even though it's totally not in her court to comment on the relationship or how to salvage the daughter's marriage. Traveling back from Indy tomorrow after the last race of the season for my husband’s team he crew chiefs. Communities can have a maximum of 15 rules. Mine would be The Art of Making a Baby/Elena because I think she’s completely insufferable and Kerf and Taralynn because their respective online presences have absolutely no appeal to me whatsoever. Advertising on Reddit can be a great way to reach a large, engaged audience. "One the supervisors I oversee, Beth, has been accused of being racist during the hiring process. FG’s choice, or the girls’ choice. It’s an American blog written by an American and intended for an American audience. We will be serving as interim moderators while permanent ones can be found, with the goal of transitioning to the new, permanent mod team by July 8, 2020. Comments quoted from AaM must have a more-than-perfunctory observation included. Influencer Discussion, Monday Feb 07 : r/blogsnark. Romanticize: deal with or describe in an idealized or unrealistic fashion; make (something) seem better or more appealing than it really is. I saw some interest in a thread for Celebitchy (CB) a few weeks back and thought I'd start one after finally quitting that site. Influencer Discussion, Tuesday Oct 12. Real estate is often portrayed as a glamorous profession. Influencer Discussion, Monday Dec 19 : r/blogsnark. Influencer Discussion, Friday Apr 07. Built their dream home in Provo called "fox hill" (cue eye roll). I’ve done it both ways — either brown the meat first, deglaze, then do aromatics/veggies, add tomato paste, deglaze again, re-add meat, crushed tomatoes, etc. No snarking on or excessive discussion/speculation about minor children. If you pay $3000 for a "financial consultation" with her, maybe she'll answer a dog question. They live in Arizona which has become one of the hotspots, but have continued to. APP's lost profits because of Neely or Andrew statements: $375,000. It's a silly hill to die on and. Hi friends, thanks for patiently waiting for the book thread this week! Weekly reminder number one: It's okay to take a break from reading, it's okay to have a hard time concentrating, and it's okay to walk away from the book you're currently reading if you aren't loving it. Influencer Discussion, Wednesday Oct 13. I've been reading DListed since high school and I actually applied to be a writer a few years ago (I think that was when they hired Allison). Weekend Influencer Post Oct 22. On Reddit, people shared supposed past-life memories that made them believe reincarnation could be possible. Healthy Living and Running Influencers, Sept 20 - 26. A little sister sub for r/blogsnark, focused on craft industry snark, drama, news, and gossip; critiques of monetized craft influencers; and discussion of social issues in the craft industry. They often intentionally remove or shoot around personal items of the family. I think you can find her original ABM blog online somewhere (it was on a different platform) and she posted an engagement photos/video with TJ (first hub), and ends the post saying “The music in this video is by one of my favourite musicians and he’s a local guy (Springfield) and his name is Jeremy Larson”. It's witty, sarcastic, or irreverent commentary. Daily Snark , Monday Sep 11 : r/blogsnark. , “they are definitely getting divorced”). Swipe up to snark on your favorite bloggers, influencers, and everything else on the internet! Members Online • Please follow all Reddit rules and guidelines. Thank you to the last poster of the Disney Posts, here are the frequently discussed Disney Influencers. Travel sponcon during pandemic : r/blogsnark. 11+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Reddit vs Quora: What You. Also, a working list of BIPOC farmers/homesteaders, add your suggestions in the comments! @thehillbillyafrican. Weekend Influencer Post Oct 08. But this cake she made today in comparison to the pink disaster she. We hold love and hope, always, and we pray that one day, things will be different. Redirecting to /r/blogsnark/comments/m43dlt/weekend_influencer_discussion_mar_1314/gqviasz/. Influencer Discussion, Monday Apr 11. Job cuts are inevitable if that happens, so there may not be enough staff for the much lower student: teacher ratio that would be …. 99% probability that everything is fabricated. A place to snark on the Skalla sisters: Emily Jackson, Rachel Parcell, Megan Hunsaker, and Amy Skalla. Redirecting to /r/blogsnark/comments/m43dlt/weekend_influencer_discussion_mar_1314/gqwzgqr/. The ignorant stereotypes in North Texas of persons of Mexican or Hispanic descent are very much alive today. Alice is a pretty sad, lonely woman with a massive substance abuse problem. All the luxury bags with $60 mall clothes. I was so worried about that kid and so relieved he seems to be adjusting. Hi friends, thanks for again patiently waiting for the book thread this week! Weekly reminder number one: It's okay to take a break from reading, it's okay to have a hard time concentrating, and it's okay to walk away from the book you're currently reading if you aren't loving it. It is breathtaking to me how ill-informed but self-satisfied she is in pretty much all her opinions, including most of her pop culture hot takes but obviously most distressingly, covid. Personal finance blogs you like? : r/blogsnark. 1 Follow Reddiquette and be respectful of differences (including political and religious). Redirecting to /r/blogsnark/comments/m43dlt/weekend_influencer_discussion_mar_1314/gqxex63/. Notably, Reddit's official app doesn't offer accessibility features for visually impaired users, and many of the third party apps do. Save 12 cents on your mashed potatoes with these frugal tips! This thread is archived. Influencer Discussion, Monday Jun 20 : r/blogsnark. She had to have known that they were only with her temporarily, but she wanted to “save” those kids. Sarah Tondello : r/blogsnark. Influencer Discussion, Monday Jun 20. Now that she's the valedictorian of being brain dead, why the fuck can't she figure out how to be less busy? Say no to shit. We all work, have lives, appointments, errands, email. Did y'all see her Black Friday post today? 10% off gets you $25 off an hourlong phone call, $150 off a basic financial consultation, and $300 off a premium financial consultation. These influencers are going from average salary day jobs to 7-8 figure incomes that rely on children to keep content going. Eva Amurri/Happily Eva After : r/blogsnark. I've was on to Amanda and her games about 2 weeks into the manic singing and dancing at the beginning of COVID. It's not a super long book, and each blog post section is usually quite short, but it still took me a while to read. It's more fun if there is a reasonable likelihood that the blinds could be true. I'm taking a cue from u/heavylightness to post a little early pre-blackout. In light of last week's revelations about their possible financial struggles, Kelle's travel style makes more sense. To top even this off, all three of my boys are moving away in the next couple of months. I just want to say that I’m really glad this is back! SAME!!!!. IMO she should have also added some sage to smudge their creepy vibes outta the house. This week: The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani (reading). Discuss the frugal and not so frugal here. Dooce doesn’t sanitize her life online, and I can get behind that. This was removed from r/blogsnark because it breaks the following rule(s): Mods may remove posts about insider information or personal relationships with bloggers/influencers Please read Blogsnark's rules. I ran a calculator and with $2500 in escrow a year and …. I started watching thinking watching a family of 8 hike the AT would be interesting and I have been shocked at what I. xxx\E: E: being the root of the storage volume. Money to compensate APP for its monetary loss: $0 (for past and future) Was malice cause of harm to Polito and APP: Neely: YES; Andrew: YES. And she had posted repeatedly about how she doesn't like pork. A subreddit called Blogsnark begins its description with the words "swipe up," poking fun at a common phrase used by Instagrammers in their stories, which require users to swipe in order to access links to the products, posts, or brands they're promoting. There are time qualification standards (easier than Boston) but they only apply to UK residents. I used to follow her and she is the epitome of a spoiled rich girl. That was amazing, like she didn’t want Stasia to encroach on the hallowed inner circle of people who had traded sex for cocaine. Even if you’re using an anonymous user name on Reddit, the site’s default privacy settings expose a lot of your data. 181K subscribers in the blogsnark community. I feel like they should just be living their lives without being on youtube. This was removed from r/blogsnark because it breaks the following rule (s): Do not create a narrative about influencers and propagate it as fact (e. December 4-10 Last week's thread | Blogsnark Reads Megaspreadsheet | Last week's recommendations Another Sunday, another amazing book thread! Weekly reminder number one: It's okay to take a break from reading, it's okay to have a hard time concentrating, and it's okay to walk away from the book you're currently reading if you aren't loving it. In the middle of a remodel and want recommendations, ask below. Blogsnark is very censored, heavily moderated and downright mean in my opinion. Preppy & Grandmillennial Snark (April 18. It would be really reckless and irresponsible to wrack up a lot of consumer debt again during a divorce. Vicky says she's finally realized that it's important to have liquid savings and not put every penny into paying off a mortgage early. This was removed from r/blogsnark because it breaks the following rule(s): Do not post deleted information or resources to find it, including links to and/or screenshots of deleted social media posts/profiles and deleted comments or posts here on Reddit (e. Emily Ley and Sarah Jenks and Kimra Luna and Leonie Dawson make this list too. Frequently discussed influencers: Carlye (@carlyewisel) Raven (@magicalifestyle) Jeff (@jeff4magic). This baby will understand that it was born under a great president. Fewer than 200 comments so far on today’s general thread. The best ones are the ones that stick; here are the tips with the greatest longevity, according to Reddit. none of these words are in the bible . For clarity, please include blog/IG names or other identifiers of those discussed when possible - it's not always clear who is being talking about when. Thanks to u/abcroc for putting this together and constantly educating others on this!. Discussion should be limited to public figures. End of Year Roundup: Favorite & Least Favorite Purchases. Ask a Manager Weekly Thread 07/01/19. I wouldn’t think someone with her wealth wasn’t pro-Trump but her mom just bought a house in Florida next to Donald Trump Jr. I haven’t found that it really makes a difference either way. Long live snarking on her LDC’s. But during a stop in Nepal, her life took an unexpected turn. Here's your daily place to snark on the antics of your favorite influencers, TikTokers, YouTubers, bloggers and internet personalities! This post is a catch-all for discussion on a daily basis. Hello friends! Welcome to this week’s Books thread. Joni is injured and has been through two surgeries now. Swipe up to snark on your favorite bloggers, influencers, and everything else…. During this time, bloggers established themselves as influential voices on the internet, sharing insights, stories, and knowledge with a global audience. As for why long time members of both communities might be using an alt to interact a person who knows our real names and has lots of screen shots seems self evident. Weekly reminder number one: It's okay to take a break from reading, it's okay to have a hard time concentrating, and it's okay to walk away from the book you're currently reading if you aren't loving it. 5 episodes in (of 4) and the initial confrontation between the vicar and the tutor really raised my hackles - it was well done and felt so real and controlling and I had such a visceral reaction to it that I wasn't sure I could keep watching. ​If the person you are discussing is not listed below, specify who they are (IG handle/Blog/ Full name) so that . Disney Influencers Sep 19. She started her blog as an undergrad at BUY and is a 20something Mormon with three kids, which is totally foreign to me, but she and her consultant husband live outside of Boston actually seem really relatable to me (me, an urban 30something with one kid who works outside the home and does not subscribe to …. But I’ve had the absolute worst experiences getting a replica. One thing I won’t snark on Shay about is the adoptions. Some of the places they take little ones makes my heart jump! 1. There are so many legitimate things to snark on that I don’t get why people are reaching and searching up her speeding tickets and pictures of her husband at work. Daily Snark, Tuesday Aug 29 : r/blogsnark. Blogsnark Reads! August 20-26 : r/blogsnark. Influencer Discussion, Tuesday Oct 25. Over 1,000 people were online at the time the screenshot was. Also, her dad posted a "joke" about Halloween being socialistor something. Except in the film, even Mavis realizes she's completely fucked up and needs to change her life, and that the sister's adoration of her is terribly misguided and misplaced. If you are deciding to work without permits, your intentions from the get-go are to undermine the integrity of the structure and the safety and well-being of the people who live in it. Influencer Discussion, Friday Jun 25 : r/blogsnark. Doyne called her parents and asked them to wire her the $5,000 she had earned babysitting. God will save me!" The helicopter moves to another house. And running out of gas isn’t so squee when it’s dark at 4 pm and 10 degrees out. To the brave soul who posted this in the College Prepster thread this afternoon: Thank you. A significantly smaller house with frigid Michigan winters. Her latest podcast is killing me. Go to blogsnark r/blogsnark I even searched Reddit for her and she was mentioned in one thread for buying a new house and that’s it. I unfollowed because she kept complaining that. But the ratio of mock-worthy things to the heaps of vitriol that PP lobs in her direction is, like, 1:10,000. Influencer Discussion, Friday Mar 17. Caroline Calloway finally released her book. Did y’all see her Black Friday post today? …. Off-Topic Discussion, Tuesday Sep 19. Maybe it's because I listened to their podcast faithfully until it up and died, but I've always been rather interested in these two. Then middle of the pregnancy they announce a conscious uncoupling/family friendly divorce. Financial Bloggers and Influencers, February 2023 : r/blogsnark. Influencer Discussion, Monday Apr 11 : r/blogsnark. She looked very gaunt in the second to last video on her grid, drinking from the glass of water, but maybe it was a filter doing that. The twins are moving back to Virginia in just a few short weeks and my baby boy is off to Texas this summer. I also bought the 8 inch bike short version and love them. Why they do not go to Chris place or Derek. It seems like most of the time if they don't need to go somewhere for pictures they just stay home. Influencer Discussion, Tuesday Jun 29. r/blogsnark on Reddit: How did you find GOMI and when did you …. Redirecting to /r/blogsnark/comments/w7ejlm/. He seemed to reemerge for R&J; not sure about the recent SL. It's week 38 of 2021 and a new week of snarking on our "favorite" healthy living and running influencers. Brian Madia In a quest for retribution, she planned to expose them, including their names — and, in some cases, their locations and occupations. Taza and Ties n Fries eating pizza. Meghan Graham (was living in Scotland and met her Northern Irish husband in a graduate program). Fave Lifestyle Bloggers : r/blogsnark. Same girl who once had an article up about the ways in which she failed to live up to the whole beauty writer thing, and admitted to not brushing her teeth on. Homeschooling 7 kids and homesteading means things get messy, her husband needs to check himself!. A Reddit forum dedicated to 'snarking' on influencers is home to over 100,000 members — some think the community has gone too far. Influencer Discussion, Thursday May 18. Beyond that, people who hire interior decorators often lack the interest to personalize their space. r/blogsnark on Reddit: Reddit is officially shutting down ALL. It’s all the same community; blogsnark reddit was created by friends of Conch Shell within the facebook group. This is what put me off Captain Awkward. Although the majority of influencers rarely comment on these conversations, it doesn't imply they don't think they're…. In 2020 I scoffed at spending so much on a 3 pack but *gestures at the state of the world* Sam Edelman coat- Not the best quality imo, but I am constantly getting complimented on …. In a private message, I mentioned this reddit. Also follow the official accounts for a lot of famous gardens like great dixter, etc. She said her eggs went from $1. I just woke up from a nap thinking about a girl who used to write for xovain who clearly knew nothing about hair AND suffered hair loss yet posted an article about braided hairstyles. People want to present on their blogs a sanitized version of parenthood as being all rainbows and kitten farts (a la Kelle Hampton) when in reality a lot of us struggle with mothering. Joy the Baker and Shutterbean : r/blogsnark. Literally playing Barbies with human beings. serenavandersnarken r/blogsnark • She Pioneered Internet Fame, He Helped Draft a Constitution. APP's lost future profits: $150,000. What are /r/blogsnark's favorite Products & Services? From 3. I'm kind of interested in just how much gold she can put in one room. And TTC can be very intense and obsessive for some people because you’re trying to make a baby and that’s a big deal and it’s hard when it doesn’t happen the month you want, but taking a pregnancy test every day is not a terribly obsessive act. Madia, an early van-lifer, said a Reddit snark forum turned her life into a living hell. Yesterday, she placed 2nd in a half marathon (I don’t remember her pace, but fast) and today she ran 12 miles at an 7:13 pace and did an hour of strength training. Influencer Discussion, Monday Nov 08 : r/blogsnark. It really pisses me off that the other threads are on lockdown, too. South Texas majority is of Mexican descent, the more north you get the more “un Mexican” influenced it is. Because, as vegetarians, they are going to run the cattle ranch. A few years ago they wrote a memoir about their ~dreamy~ dynasty childhood and their White House experience full of cutesy anecdotes about their dad and how “charming” he is. Her sketchy non-profit doesn’t make anyone think she’s a better person, it’s manipulative to wheel it out every time she’s rightfully criticised. Ashley hasn’t been wearing her rings or featuring her husband in almost a month. Healthy Living and Running Influencers, Mar 14 - 20. We snark, we’re not hateful or trying to ruin people. I was a participator in the Fitnessista thread after she had her first baby and user kept calling her newborn "Gremlinista" and said she looked like she had a disease, talked about how hideous she looked. Do not attempt to diagnose mental or physical health …. finished the house by the cerulean sea in a day and a half and felt like a kid again haha i would have absolutely loved this book as a kid and although the writing was pretty obviously geared towards younger readers it is a YA book so i can’t hold that against it. blogsnark on Reddit: Ask a Manager Weekly Thread 07/01/19 ">r/blogsnark on Reddit: Ask a Manager Weekly Thread 07/01/19. Regardless of socioeconomic status, it’s not a child’s responsibility to be the driving source of income for a family. Weekend Influencer Discussion: January 29- January 30. This was removed from r/blogsnark because it breaks the following rule(s): Remember the human on the other side of the screen. It is not this time-consuming and obsessive event you think it is. You have to be very careful about what you say there, or else it will get downvoted or deleted. Here's your daily place to snark on the antics of your favorite influencers, TikTokers, YouTubers, bloggers and internet personalities! This …. Schools in MI are projected to have 10-30% budget cuts for the next academic year. Weekend Off-Topic Discussion, May 13 - May 14. Another Sunday, another amazing book thread! Weekly reminder number one: It's okay to take a break from reading, it's okay to have a hard time concentrating, and it's okay to walk away from the book you're currently reading if you. Redirecting to /r/blogsnark/comments/m43dlt/weekend_influencer_discussion_mar_1314/gqvgvst/. The kind of homes you see in magazines are largely ads for the designer. However, he is a dual agent and likely. Friday: baked ziti with mushrooms. MckMamma, the alpha and omega of blog snark : r/blogsnark. If that’s how that is working out, it sounds totally infeasible as a Twitter replacement. Sha(d)y Shull : r/blogsnark. The walls of angry text are back. The latest answer, however, is no answer. You'll tell someone to "come at us" if they remember Hemphill-Wells department store or Flintstones push-pops. yolibrarian • Blogsnark's Librarian • Someone on reddit called it "Fight Club Hogwarts" and that's a pretty accurate description. Zero mentions of the RV exodus. One of these things is not like the others. Also my #1 BEC pet peeve about her is when she tries to say she's read seven books in one month. Blogsnark Cooks! September 17. I loved her post on maternity clothing! As the first person in my friend group to get pregnant, I'm jealous she received so many hand-me-downs. As of recent, Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt have been charged with 6 felony counts of aggravated child abuse. Run the vacuum every day or two, tidy the kitchen nightly, pick up after yourself daily and clean the bathroom sink and toilet every few days. Redirecting to /r/blogsnark/comments/m43dlt/weekend_influencer_discussion_mar_1314/gqwxvie/. Influencer Discussion, Friday Mar 10. I’ll be sure to let my local authentic middle eastern restaurant know that they should switch up their recipe to Chris Marcum’s famous kebab recipe 🙄🙄 I know everyone claims their recipe is the best ever but that just gets to me. She's a black woman who teaches 3rd grade in Florida and man, she serves up some spicy takes. The parties she throws for her kids always seem so sweet. I still go on ONTD, but that's it. This was removed from r/blogsnark because it breaks the following rule(s): Content should contribute to the conversation - do not troll, antagonize, or otherwise seek attention. It just kills me that sites aimed at men that do the exact same thing (namely 4chan but reddit is guilty as well) are viewed as sacred spaces of "commentary" but god forbid women discuss anything negatively. Redirecting to /r/blogsnark/comments/10mrnbq/. BAD and Frugalwoods and Prudent Homemaker, oh my! I saw that!! I think it is the same commenter who has said she was a great writer in several posts. She sells her book on money saving tips to Disney for like $90 when 99% of it is just a compilation of information you can get on the internet for free from any Disney planning group and the other 1% is shady. deleted by user] : r/blogsnark. [1] Her manner is dainty and frail, and she sports a wardrobe of showy but tattered evening clothes, as indicated. Join us, won't you, on their exciting adventure to the land of Mickey Mouse, where they still do nothing but eat at chain restaurants and drink LDCs. I 100% realized that GOMI was crazy when I read that Alice was reading PMs. They money diaries there increased in popularity and, while the r29 drama watch threads are still very popular, content from r29 is no longer the main focus of the community. They can protest, it’s their right, but the biggest irony is many of the things they are demanding fall under Provincial jurisdiction, so they are going literally to the wrong place!. She didn't repost it but reposted many many others. From the beginning they very clearly were trying to grow their channel through kind of awkward means (merch when they had like 30k viewers, they take a family trip when they reach certain milestones - and say they will take a trip to India [their daughter's country of …. Redirecting to /r/blogsnark/comments/m43dlt/weekend_influencer_discussion_mar_1314/gqwhepg/. Jessica Quirk ends “What I Wore”. She asks, "God, I was convinced you would save me! My heart was full with belief in you. Let's discuss! This thread is archived. Last week's thread | Blogsnark Reads Megaspreadsheet Hey friends! It is Sunday, and that means it is once again book chat…. Redirecting to /r/blogsnark/comments/m43dlt/weekend_influencer_discussion_mar_1314/gqxtxjk/. They named them all - Rachel and her new guy, Chris and his new girl, Heidi and Dave, all eight kids, Derek and yes they all get along “really”. Danielle contacted her and asked her to take them down, and offered payment. The "move your body 30 min a day" has been mainstream in fitness since Bill Phillips and Bob Greene were coaching Oprah back in the 90's. I’m afraid LW4 may not realise how offensive the word ‘twat’ is. So much mom shaming, people saying they are going to call CP because she …. That seems like an ongoing thing. MLM shillers posing as fitness "coaches" - I will admit I am new to the world of BeachBody Coaches and was introduced when finding @ HappyHealthyHailey_ on TikToK then out of curiosity have been watching her insta stories non stop. Redirecting to /r/blogsnark/comments/m43dlt/weekend_influencer_discussion_mar_1314/gqvddi1/. It'll never beat the original of course, but it was cute and I'm a big fan of LaKeith Stanfield, who gave the best performance by a landslide. It’s also an incredibly powerful platfor. Posted via her Instagram, Heather passed away on Tuesday, May 9th. Farm/Ranch/Homestead December : r/blogsnark. Influencer Discussion, WednesdayAug 26 : r/blogsnark. Some people started reselling because of her. The disappearance/lockdown of arguably the most popular Mommy Blogger thread speaks highly to the weirdness of PP. blogsnark on Reddit: Reddit is officially shutting down ALL ">r/blogsnark on Reddit: Reddit is officially shutting down ALL. A lot of times on blog snark sites it is questioned how lifestyles can be afforded. Read more about Reddiquette here. A peacock season 6 is likely for 2023,” a Real Housewives of New York City fan page shared on Twitter on March 20. Influencer Discussion, Monday Mar 13. They probably make tens of thousands of dollars a month on YouTube adsense. Love Taza sighting : r/UncensoredBlogsnark. Influencer Discussion, Thursday Jan 05. If you believe your comment was removed in error, or if your post has been edited to comply with the rules, message the moderators. Looks like GOMI has re-opened the Hanging with the Hewitts / Caycee thread. She owns the blog and can do what she like. All of them cooped up inside with no escape to the beach or yard for month after month, and no other adults to spell Kelle during the faux witching hour. She met women and children who were struggling to survive the aftermath of a decade-long civil war. I actually like Eva (even though she’s kind of in a dream world lol) but her friend Julia (LemonStripes Blog) I CANNOT stand. Sites like Reddit's Blogsnark are full of "anti-fans", who know all there is to know about their chosen influencer – and don't like any of . The people who read her blog are the kinds of people who carefully pore over written responses to find stuff to complain about. For example, “Reddit’s stories are created by its users. “I’m ecstatic that she’s doing well!” one commenter wrote. This one was fine, it didn't measure up to the second book in the series Song of the Quarkbeast. She's gone after F-Factor, All in By Teddi, Optavia, Equinox, SoulCycle and her latest anonymous post dumps have been about Jabs by Gina. And they lost their dog Maggie. by Amelia Tait September 26, 2019, 2:02am. Influencer Discussion, Monday Nov 01. The woman seems to have no agency over her finances.