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Yandere Dc X ReaderThe baby was na Yandere x Fem Reader Oneshots. relatively tame, Clark is a good daddy. She is forbidden to leave the mansion without Bruce or any other family member by her side. See a recent post on Tumblr from @diejager about yandere x reader. Discover more posts about yandere justice league x reader. Yandere Connor (Detroit: Become Human) Voyeurism. In the heart of an obsession, I'll rewrite love's pages or. Read Buff SuperGirl x Male Reader (Lemon) from the story Male Reader x Fem Yandere Various 2 by gojira2003 with 16,415 reads. See a recent post on Tumblr from @76lonelyspoons about Yandere Klarion x reader. Medusa, the famed gorgon which turned those to stone with one look, had lost all hope in her life when she stumbled acro An average run-of-the-mill male finds himself in an unfamiliar world. Anonymous said: so I saw that shy reader who gives drawings, and the situation where they accidentally give a drawing to Vandal, so how big of a chaos would it cause when Vandal and Ra's fought over. Her talent and hard working personality has earne Y/n L/n, Who have been advoiding any form of hero to meet until she met a boy. It’s also home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the country. You won't like what happens when I catch you. PART SPECIFIC CW/TW: Soft, awfully wholesome scene with your father. 6 your fathers footsteps is gonna be a little bit hard with Gotham’s heavy hitter watching your every move GreenGoblin!Reader x Yandere!Dc characters Each character is owned by their …. #yandere aquaman x reader on Tumblr. Yandere!Snow Miser x Reader Headcanons. He just wants to be closer to you. Bruce Wayne/Reader Joker (DCU) Bruce Wayne Original Female Character (s) of Color Barbara Gordon Dick Grayson Jim Gordon Original Characters Batman References …. Now the thing is, you’re not their real child. You were 'adopted' by the Avengers and by 'adopted' I mean kidnapped by them. Reverse flash had zoomed in with Harley. Discover more posts about yandere damian wayne x reader. 3K 14 (Yandere boys x reader) "I wondered myself how I could be so immersed with writing, until I figured out it was you I was falling for. See a recent post on Tumblr from @gotham-daydreams about platonic yandere batfam. Loving Night - Tim Drake x Reader. Can’t even turn your head as you stare straight above you. You'd meet the Potter family on the day Harry was going to Hogwarts, James did have quite a legacy at Hogwarts for being one of the best Quidditch seekers the Gryffindor Quidditch team ever had. Long story short, it ended with the entire world drowned and Batwoman creating an army of Atlantean nightmare soldiers which are also most likely dead by now. Wonder Woman sat on your dick and Catwoman got on your face and made you lick her. When action movie junkie Philipe finds himself reincarnated as Ryujin, the designated punching bag for the hero's experience points in a web novel he's never read, the s isekai. DC Comics Imagines Arsenal x Reader (Young Justice) First Time - Bart Allen x Reader;. He was a quiet boy; sat by himself next to the window overlooking the …. But, maybe she can love one last time after meeting a beauti pearlxreader; pearl; stevenuniverse +2 more # 19. The shooter ran before he could hurt you. You only really caused harmless pranks!. In today’s fast-paced digital world, efficiency and productivity are key factors in achieving success. He watched you sleep, eat, and followed you everywhere. Good Luck PLATONIC Yandere D by Imshii. So, our story begins when Y/n was driving home. All of the people Ben loves is dead, Gwen, Kevin, J Yandere! DC x Reader. There is no set yandere, but I would like to know who y'all think can fit the personality. Y/n lives a hard life, she's a 15 year old girl, completely normal right? Wrong. If any of this is triggering for you, I understand, and you don't have to read it. Fanfiction Romance Yandere X Reader Yandere Reverse Harem Obsession Male Yandere Various X Reader Whatever Dragon says, you will obey without question. What everyone didn't know was Aphrodite had a c yanderevariousdcxreader. See a recent post on Tumblr from @floatyflowers about platonic yandere. (Yandere! Shadow monster x Reader). Simply wondering who was going to pay for all. Warnings; murder, blood, feral behavior, yandere, yandere regret, …. As a Foundation therapist, your job is to rehabilitate Floor A, so that they may have a chance of returning to the outside world. Being the only one of her graduating class to will More details. See a recent post on Tumblr from @gotham-daydreams about yandere dc x reader. Browse through and read or take young justice x reader stories, quizzes, and other creations Yandere young justice x reader. Yandere Batfam x reader or Yandere Batfam/reader. It happened in a mere blink, the justice league, broke through and stared at the Villains. #yandere conner kent on Tumblr. "Guys, what are you doing, let …. Y/n: Maybe you need to be more obvious? Like, I …. Yandere x Reader imagines!! Requests open! ^^ Blog contains some NSFW/18+/Dead Dove Do Not Eat content! - Please block any related tags and do not interact with or view said content if under 18!. Batfam with a reader that loves true crime like researches case and watch documentaries a lot even for unsolved cases and likes to try and solve unsolved cases. But y/n isn’t left cleaning up blood. from the story Yandere x Reader // DC by your-yandere-kiss (Cherry) with 5,476 reads. You and Michael have been friends a while, you were the only person Michael could ever confide in and the only person who understood him and accepted him for all he was michaelmyersxreader. platonic yandere! Damian Wayne… HC. Discover more posts about yandere tim drake, yandere batfam x reader, yandere batman, yandere batfam, and yandere Bruce Wayne. #yandere damian wayne x reader #yandere dc #yandere beast boy x reader #yandere garfield logan x reader #yandere damian wayne. Beating Around The Bush (Teen Tita by boxxieofbox. They moved on with their lives, the reader has not and is determined to find them. He tried desperately to not make a sound, no creaking floorboards or kicked rubble, no mind paid to the …. Fanfiction Romance X Reader Yandere X Reader Prince X Reader Reverse Harem X Reader Various X Reader You never thought making a stupid bet with your …. Expert Advice On Improving Your Home All Projects Featured Content Media Find a Pro About Please ente. Newly graduated nursing student, Y/n L/n is new to Gotham City, having just moved from Westchester County, NY to start her new job at Arkham Asylum. Meet Hakymene Rose, the princess and future empress of the Hakymene clan. What happens when you stu Completed jasontodd royharperxreader redhood +21 more # 2. he scowled, stomach twisting and heart empty as he glanced down to a different woman he proudly jason. You got your answer to that when you found your. you can write your name, your age, your pronouns, nationality, whatever the hell you want. First:No child x reader Second:No OC's Third:No spamming (I admire the love but pls no :,)) That's pretty much it. Falling In Dc/Marvel: Various Yandere DC/Marvel X Reader. “You can’t expect me to know something like that off the top of my head, love. You began to breathe heavily tears running down your face while hiding in a dark corner of you and your husband's room. You were simply the result of a hookup on one of Bruce’s many business trips. femalereader, girlxgirl, gxg Browse. When it comes to you, Clark’s strength and self-control sit in a precarious balance. This is a male reader x The Seven Deadly Sins Harem fanfiction. Without Law and Order, the most primal human emotions thrive. #yandere dc x reader #yandere dc #yandere bruce wayne x reader #yandere bruce wayne #yandere batman x reader. It’s easy to use, but it can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with it. 红颜薄命: Cursed Beauty (Yandere!KNY x F!Reader) 40 parts. Living Doll (Yandere DC x Reader x by Thomas the Thermonuclear Bomb. Karen Star, also known as Power Girl, was the earth two counterpart of Kara Zor-El, other wise known as SuperGirl. yandere dc x yandere harry potter crossover. Yandere Queen Mera X Male Reader (AU) AU:Arthur doesn't exist. That's right I'm doing the Ben 10 superhero girls crossover, but it's not a Ben nor Kevin, it's Kevin's cousin Devin E. In his mind, despite the fact that he has you locked up 24/7, this is a totally normal relationship. Discover more posts about yandere DC x reader. - *Cover made by jumpingapples * I shake out of fear and despair, watching as my captor knelt down in front of me. Yandere Wmmap x reader(She belongs by Ashlee_23456 25. You Got What You Asked For: Part Two (YANDERE! Dr. Browse through and read or take "dc x reader" stories, quizzes, and other creations your fathers footsteps is gonna be a little bit hard with Gotham’s heavy hitter watching your every move GreenGoblin!Reader x Yandere!Dc characters Each …. Read dc girls from the story Yandere female harem x Male Reader series by AustinMcCormick2 (Austin McCormick) with 3,247 reads. (Name) (Last Name) is the half sister of the joker and she has stolen the hearts of all of Gotham, from Villains to heroes, Gotham has never been more dangerous for Joker's baby girl. Before he could realize it, you've already scaled him and both of your feet were on the back of his shoulders. Love of the Ancients (Yandere Gods of Myth x Reader) They have lived for centuries, yet never knew what love was until they saw you. Any pairings you want, Straight, Gay, Lesbian, …. Or we'll just end up punishing you~" Mason growled lustfully against my lips as Lucas attacked a sweet spot on the back of my neck, causing me to moan softly. You'd think with the cultist angle that she'd be the stereotypical goth, but in truth, she looked like something out of a cliche high school movie. A Kal-El (Superman) x Fem!Reader Royal AU fic full of seemingly forbidden love, the importance of duty, and the realization that we may have more in common than we think. Discover more posts about yandere batman, platonic yandere batfam, platonic yandere x reader, yandere dc, yandere x gn reader, tw yandere, and platonic Yandere. They even picked out your boyfriend. Too bad danger keeps finding him when he Meet Nico Kai, the son of Nico Robin. Teen Titans Young Justice Klarion Yandere DC Young Justice x Reader One Shots. Cedric as a yandere would be delusional, soft, clingy, protective and obsessive over the love of his life aka. Washington DC is a city steeped in history and culture, with an array of monuments and memorials that pay tribute to the nation’s rich past. wil the help from the pro heroes help or not read about her journey to UA. hellsing; wiz; malereader +8 more # 18. REQUESTS ARE OPEN I JUST MIGHT BE SLOW Marvel Characters X Reader One Shots Any gender! drstrangexmalereader; buckybarnes; buckyxmalereader +22 more # 6. Y/N whimperd at the mafia bosses words while H/N struggle harder against the ropes, trying to get to his wife. They have everything that anyone would ask for. Caught between the war of two powerful nations, her husband dies in battle as the emperor seizes power throughout the peninsula. She moved into her aunt's house in October and started to attend the school her cousin (who hates her like hell). caged nightingale (yandere tim drake x singer reader) Thank you so much @mariidepp for saving so many of my works, and all of you wonderful folk out there, I really appreciate your help and support during these times. A priest that causes more harm than good, a hot-headed mage A monster. She became distant and cold, the radiant side of her fading away. You were Bruce’s youngest child, a year younger than Damian and several years younger than the rest. yandere dragons x reader - how to train your 8 parts Ongoing. Discover more posts about yandere x you, yandere imagines, male yandere x reader, yandere drabble, yandere headcanons, yandere x reader, and yandere OC. Justice League Young Justice Teen Titans Yandere Avengers | Reader | Fanfiction Romance Thriller Superhero Marvel Comics Dc Lgbtq. Anyone In DC and Marvel as Yandere paired with someone else from DC or Marvel, Reader, Or Original characters. yandere cult who won’t help you out. You were once pickpocketed by a boy. But yet, somehow luck was on your side and you'd actually managed to get an acceptance letter …. Thinking you’d awake to either heaven or hell, you instead wake up in a bedroom you don’t recall ever living in. Part One - Young Justice/Holiday Imagines. Yandere Jason ">Let us fall deep, head first in love shall we — Yandere Jason. Spending too much time with demons can taint souls. Damian will either stay so long in your room with you that he falls asleep in there too. TW/CW: None really, chit-chat between some gal pals, some implied bi/pan reader. They will be your first and it will be during your wedding night and you two will have a perfect fairytale ending. Read yandere! professor zoom x speedster! reader from the story various batman/DC x reader by Pandora-Morningstar (Pandora) with 6,055 reads. TW: Implied Stalking, Nonconsensual Touching, and Obsessive Behavior. A/N: Never fear, best gal Layla is here! Also the Hippo-Mama! And I totes recommend reading the Hobby Headcanons that @my-secret-shame-but-fanfiction wrote on the boys! I plan on implementing them all!. Many various females x male reader one-shots. Yanderes who’s darlings are already ruined, and they have to be in chastity so the yandere doesn’t fuck them til they bleed again. It had all started the way that it always had. Discover more posts about yandere batman, yandere jason todd, platonic yandere batfam, yandere batfam, yandere x gn reader, platonic yandere, and yandere dc. The portion of the Batfam in the Manor, and coming to terms with how they've collectively neglected the reader in these little, individual parts, is rushed and does kind of just hop …. Namir (YANDERE! Jasmine x FEM! reader) Sat, Dec 4, 2021. yandere yandere platonic yandere batfam yandere platonic batfamily x reader yandere dc yandere x reader yandere bruce wayne yandere damian wayne yandere jason todd yandere dick grayson yandere tim drake. Chapter Text [Hello My Sexy Readers, I am here with a new chapter and in this you can already tell from the new cover photo and the photo for this chapter that black and blue won it was a tie between black and blue and red and blue and I went with what had the best concept art. The only person who really cared about (Y/n) was her mother. Yandere x readers I write for Aot, Dbd, Jjba 1-5, DC, MARVEL, BNHA, Demon Slayer, requests are open so fire away 🤸🏽‍♀️ Add to library 18 Discussion 2 Suggest tags Death is Not an Escape (Dwight Fairfield x Reader). What Is a DC to DC Converter?. →2 pages! 🖤 🖤 ONESHOT Completed. His eyes were glued to the car as the players pooled out, grumbling about a 'late game'. yandere, attackontitan Browse. As a precious little sister of the great Lord Muzan. Yandere Bruce Banner x Tall Male!Reader. You woke up to the feeling of something burning into the back of your head. A DC to DC converter is also known as a DC-DC converter. SCP Yandere | Reader SCP-035 SCP-049 SCP-079 SCP-096 SCP-173 SCP-682 Scp Doctors oc | Fanfiction Supernatural X Reader Funny Fluff Angst Dr Glass In this story will be: SCP-173, SCP-682, SCP-096, SCP-035, SCP-049, SCP-079 and you can suggest more if you want, i could also do some of the doctors but i don't know yet, i did …. you are mine for eternity / cleon xii x readera new spider in my web / miguel o’hara x readerhidden away from preying eyes / demetri volturi x reader x felix volturi from the darkness the light exposes itself / poly volturi kings x readerhere for a good time not a long time / aro volturi x readerour little fairy / poly volturi kings x reader. There's not a single hero who can keep every god satisfied. I wanted to see what would happen if I made someone that's supposed to protect people, then make them …. The androids have won the war and you, along side other mechanics, were forced to stay in Detroit as their medics. When she is forced to Reveal her Identity to save her sons. (Yandere! Marvel/Dc x reader) Just short horror stories between you and various fictional characters. These guidelines explain what a DC brush motor is and its applicati. I don't own either anime or any pics or any videos I may or may not use in this book. #Yandere Klarion x reader on Tumblr. Pairing: Yandere!Clark Kent | Superman x Reader (DC). after betraying Slade Wilson I switched out my 'employment' to a lighter side of the spectrum and f. All your favorite DC heroes and villains with a delightfully dark yandere twist🖤 #batfamily #batmanfanfiction #dccomics #justiceleauge #yandere #yanderedc #yanderexreader #youngjustice. Unfortunately, your presence may cause more harm than good. Washington DC, the capital of the United States, is a vibrant city with a rich history and countless attractions. Match made in heaven! He come in every day at the same time, on the dot. Her doll-like face had a crazed grin on it and her porcelain. Over a month had passed, Y/n's bleak feelings had returned, and there had also been a rise in lex corp monsters, which Y/n had figured out today since the news was finally talking about it. Insanity (+18) Open The Door- (Yandere! X Reader) On TicTok and I kept hearing this commonly used sound and it sounded so much like a yandere I had to do a small fic. When you hang out outside of work, you carry the. my rose 🌹 (yandere draco malfoy x reader valentine's day special ) tue, feb 14, 2023. [Yandere! Aged Up! Batfamily x Reader] Add to library 80 Discussion 8 Suggest tags. The Square Reader Dashboard is a powerful tool for small business owners that allows them to manage their payments, track sales, and monitor customer data. Yandere Black Cat/Felicia Hardy. ️‍啕 Knockout had become relatively well known in local street racing scenes. Without any warning, an app appears on. A young anti-hero in need of guidance and support your recruited for the growing Young Justice team. And it ain't even that simple because this fruit can make people go crazy over you, maki. Fanfiction Romance X Reader Reader-insert reverse harem x reader harem x reader DC Superheroes. All her life she hoped to be a nurse, to help anyone and everyone. Wonder Woman thrusted faster against your dick and pulled Catwoman …. So that's some of the marvel and …. deathnote, dragonballsuper, dccomics. See a recent post on Tumblr from @anxiousnerdwritings about Yandere DC. All Action Adventure Anime/Manga Fantasy Historical Horror Humor. Safety Hazard - Yandere!TFP!Ratchet x Human!Reader. Yandere | Kiyoshi Umemoto oc Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Yandere X Reader Original Work Male Yandere X Reader Horror (Yandere!Baker x Male!Reader) A cycle of mirrors. Yandere Stalker x female reader: Letters. Black coffee and your recommended pastry, that’s become the routine. There will be times when he needs you most and he just wants you to be there with him. The Square Reader dashboard is a powerful tool that can help you manage your business and monitor your sales. Young Justice | Reader | Action Fanfiction Friend Reader X Various Dc Comics. YANDERE X READER ARTISTS!!!. Add to library 80 Discussion 10 Suggest tags. Discover more posts about yandere batman, yandere jason todd, yandere batfam, yandere dc, yandere x gn reader, platonic yandere, and platonic yandere batfam. After Clark is tricked into murdering you and your guys’ unborn child and setting off a nuclear bomb, wiping out all of Metropolis, by the Joker, he kills him. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Though as he flew around, he couldn't help but tilt his head a little as he stopped in place. Browse; Paid Stories; Editor's Picks; The Wattys; #attackontitan #dc #godzilla #killlakill #malereader #marvel #residentevil #skullgirls #supersmashbros #yandere. Teen Titans | Damian Wayne Stepharie oc Bad Batter Fanfiction Horror Mystery Yandare Dc Purify the world. you can create links, bold text, make it italic. Muzan x sister reader by Factory-chan. DC: PowerGirl x Male Villain Reader x SuperGirl. The world lays in the clutch of his hands, mercilessly and dangerously. He’s the mean, malicious cat and you’re his cute little mouse! He loves his little games and youwell, you don’t really have a choice in the matter. Mystery Poetry Realistic Romance Science Fiction Short Stories Supernatural Thriller « All stories. But then again, he still would have come for you in the comfort of your home. She and Mitsuri snuck out to see a meteor shower. [Hello My Sexy Reader, I am finally here with another update this is a Scenario and Headcanons challenge again this time the headcanons will be the very base headcanons for the heroes and Villains comment bellow on what you like to see! -Base Yandere Headcanons: Pick 6 of your top favorite from each dc and marvel 12 all …. Read stories about #reader, #bathman, and #abused on Wattpad, recommended by Tsundere105. A DC power supply is a device that supplies electric energy of fixed polarity, either positive or negative. yandere cult who take you as their god/goddess for god knows what reason. In the United States alternating current, or AC, wins over direct current, or DC, as a source of electricity because it is more efficient; the voltage of the current is easy to manipulate. biggest dumbass known to man — What about yandere platonic. Damian always has to be on-guard around them to maintain his competent and reliable appearance, even if he’. When Clark does make his fateful visit, your. You are a 6 year old orphan in an orphanage that a lot of other kids don't like and most of the staff don't care. See a recent post on Tumblr from @lazypanartist about Dc villains x reader. yandere, skullgirls, attackontita Browse. He’s a caffeine addict and you can make one hell of an espresso. Her body bounced up, as she slowly looked out. Suddenly working as a barista seemed better. After your untimely death, you're whisked away to another planet to become a guardian angel. godzilla, killlakill, yandere Browse. With eight books in the series, it can be hard to keep track of which book comes next. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; atomicbiscuitlampskeleton liked this. The Lovesick Ones (Yandere DC/Marvel x Reader) 1 part Ongoing. The last player to exit the car was you. Now widowed, she is a mother of a young baby girl who is now, unfortunately, fatherless. See a recent post on Tumblr from @yandereorg about Yandere Teen Titans. One of the most useful features of the Square Reader Dashboard is its real-time paym. Read the most popular yanderemhaxreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Blood, Guts & Obsessions! Yandere Various Teen Titans x Reader. Twisting your tongue with his, the solemn hero gripped your wrists, squeezing them roughly with each of his thrusts. (Y/n) is a dance assistant pursuing her dreams as a hero. List of Installments for Seeking Forgiveness. They have interest and hobbies like everyone else. [Yandere! Fathers x Mother! Reader] (Y/N) (L/N) is a songstress. DC super hero girls harem x male reader x super villains. Sorry if you don't like my writing! I'm too lazy to give a description, so yeah! Yandere! DC x Reader. Male Red Hood Reader X DCAMU Raven Takes place in DC Animated Movies Universe (2013 - 2020) Death wasn't kind. My name is (Y/n) Row, the Bluebird of Earth -11 (No affiliation to Delsin Rowe), and one of the last survivors of Batwoman's war against Atlantis and its queen, Aquawoman. Aw, thanks! Writing yanderes is still kinda new to me but I’m glad you enjoy them! Honestly, he wouldn’t be that much of a threat as a yandere. 𝘚𝘸𝘦𝘦𝘵 (Yandere genshin Impact by Akaryuu707. It differs from alternating current (AC) in the way electricity flows from the power source through wiring. to the anon who sent in a nolan grayson request im sorry. And he just can't help but adore you. Pages of Obsession (Yandere DC and Marvel x Reader) (On Hiatus) 30 pages July 26, 2018 Jaguar earth. That's all a simple rejection could do, and now you're forced to live with a curse. You’ll find him in your home in the dead of night more often then not. All of my Imagines, prompts, oneshots and moodboard for Talia al Ghul requested via my Tumblr account; @bonniebird. 2h 27m Start reading XYandere-writerX Ongoing Mature [SOULMATE AU]In which Y/n aka One punch Woman is sent to a different dimension and is completely oblivious to the obsessions that heroes and villains are having for her. You cried out in shock as George winced in pain but tried to control it after he saw your expression. " Rachel spoke out, standing her ground, as Diana gave a broken enraged smile, "Well, I am also her soulmate. why don't you want him to see us hanging out?" "i don't want him to- never mind just, don't give him …. One fateful day sends you crashing into a horrible world of blood, insanity and pain. TW: GN reader, Yandere, imprisonment, adult Damian Wayne (inspired and mostly based off of Damian in Batman beyond & Injustice 2: Gods among us), obsession. Description in the works TW for character death, obsessive love, ooc Albedo, unhealthy relationships, intrusive thoughts, stalking, and anything else you would find in a albedogenshin. I can't remember if someone requested a yandere Hogwarts professors x reader fic here and if so, I forgot the name of the person who requested this and I'm so sorry TvT. Yandere Crush X Reader Stories. 23 pages October 6, 2022 Tsureeee Batman OFF DCU Yandere Justice League vs. One of the cultists stopped chanting and stood up, pulling down their hood and revealing a relatively young looking girl around my age. Joy x reader x YANDERE! Riley) Sat, Jul 31, 2021. #Yandere Bruce Wayne x reader on Tumblr. Or he will sneak in to cuddle you. Yandere Batman x reader x yandere batboys poly of course age up Daman The reader is raven sister who has powers like her sister and they share her she is pergnet with Bruce baby first obviously and she got away with the help of her sister Raven and her dad and five years later they find her and give her a punishment while the child doesn't …. Sign me up See a recent post on Tumblr from @gotham-daydreams about yandere dc x reader. Yeah, he's rude and ignores the reader, but he probably does the same to everyone else lmao. YANDERE BATBOYS X EMPATHY! READER YANDERE BATBOYS X SINGLE MOM! READER POEMS Onomatomania PT. You never had to work a day in …. Read stories about #bts, #bangtanboys, and #lionking on Wattpad, recommended by XXrogueXlucyXX. LORD Have you ever heard of second leads and such? Well what if you're even more lower than a second lead? What if, you're just a side character? It hu yandere xreader romance +8 more # 2 The devils favorite human~ (AU Yan by Adventurefan2020. This particular day in Gotham was cold and gray, rain pouring and pounding heavily onto the dark city. yandere black family men x reader. Darth Vader, a name that striked fear in the enemy, very few survive the encounter with the fearsom Disclaimer: I do not own High School DXD Y/n Anders was …. from the story Yandere x Reader // DC by your-yandere-kiss (Cherry) with 4,381 reads. Once you landed, you ran to your umbrella and picked and continued to leave Batman in the dust. Well that's not true, your name was [Name], not Zǒu luàn, and you never really caused chaos everywhere you went. # 1 Team Red | The Outlaws x Reader x by CrazyFreckledGinger 38. biggest dumbass known to man — Yandere Deku with little sibling reader. ¿Yandere?Hantengu Clones x Demon Slayer Fem!Y/n. However, kara and Karen had a few difference from each other despite being counterparts of each other. Discover more posts about yandere jason todd, yandere damian wayne, yandere dick grayson, yandere batfam x reader, yandere, and yandere batfamily. With the rise of online newspaper subscriptions, more and more readers are choosing to get their news digitally rather than through traditional prin. Yandere Jon Kent reacts to Y/N getting hurt? Jon and Y/N were walking and a guy try to stab Jon. #Yandere superman on Tumblr. The second one was letting herself get reeled into the life of crime. You've always harbored secret feelings towards Clark Kent, but too afraid to tell him. DC Comics Imagines — Masterlist Part Two. Once you grew up, the twins liked you until they were too much obsessed with you. Lust, greed and wrath run rampant among the once great streets, and wreck havoc among the sweetest of people who now only act for their own selfish sake. Book on Yandere Girls x Male reader so Yeah Enjoy. Tricked by his lies, she attempts to run from their engagement and fatefully meets Douma, who turns her into a demon. See a recent post on Tumblr from @blughxreader about yandere dc. Garfield: I’ve been dropping them the most insanely obvious hints for like a year now. Everyone knew Aphrodite was the most beautiful and prettiest goddess it was known widely throughout the gods and mortals. After an attack from an enemy clan, Rose is sent to Konoha in order to be safe from the enemy. [ Yandere! Emperor! x Female! Reader! ] The Emperor of Intuuin is bloodthirsty and dangerous. POLY YANDERE WEASLEY TWINS X TOUCH STARVED READER. I just don’t know anything about them and they’ve never really interested me as much as DC characters. Just For You (Yandere Superboy x Reader) Pt. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. A vibration of delight sprung out of Ivy's cherry lips as she hoisted her arms over Y/n's shoulders and hung from her, like a wild creature salivating at its prey. delusional, depending on the situation. Well, what's left for he tanjiro. The Death (Yandere!Zombie! x Fem!Reader) 19 pages May 15, 2017 dreamingsis. Batteries run on DC current, while AC current is what comes in through an electri. Hello may i request a Damian wayne x male reader Platonic fic please,how about Damian hating the reader at first but he gets sick and the reader takes care of him,making him soup giving him medicine cuddles watching movies and not leaving his side till Damian gets better…if not its fine love your writing btw. I saw The Batman and was like 🥺 what if his adopted daughter meets hot mess express Battinson? The agony of meeting her then letting her go? This Bruce Wayne is inspired by Battinson 🦇 TW: mention of. Read Yandere Giantess x Male Reader (Lemon) from the story Male Reader x Fem Yandere Various 2 by gojira2003 with 36,993 reads. Add to library 102 Discussion 2 Suggest tags. Whatever She has to offer is not worth sacrificing your friends and family on land for. Fate would try to save you from Klarion because 1. The more time passed, the more they got attracted to you, until finally they took what they wanted the most. Fanfiction Romance X Reader Yandere X Reader Prince X Reader Reverse Harem X Reader Various X Reader You never thought making a stupid bet with your best friend would lead you to screw up every princess fairy tale. Medusa a girl who has everything until everything takes a turn for the worst whith a extroverted mother who has a lot of friends from high school such as aiziwa,midnight,mic,almight,endeavor. You got your wallet back, and decided to take this street kid to a café you frequented. Most of this is yandere female x female reader but there are a few that contain yandere female and male characters x reader. She'll try her best not to drag you on any of their crazy adventures and by they, I mean, Harry, Ron and herself since she's way too concerned for your safety, your safety is her top most priority, she can't stand the. After she tried a bit of everything, her face suddenly turned to a serious one, alarming Bruce in a quick instant at his soulmate's change of demeanor. Bruce Wayne/Reader Joker (DCU) Bruce Wayne Original Female Character (s) of Color Barbara Gordon Dick Grayson Jim Gordon Original Characters Batman References Joker (DCU) Played by Heath Ledger Joker (DCU) Has Issues Yandere. To help you out, here’s a reader’s. yanderexreader; yanderebrother; yandereaunt +22 more # 10. You play whether you like it …. |Teen Titans x Reader| All she wanted was to get a higher education by attending a private academy across the country. 2K 14 Being The Scarlet Witch with the Merc as your partner could be incredibly frustrating and exhausting, but it also spiced up the vigilante work. Fanfiction Short Stories Fluff Hurt comfort Jason Todd X Reader. [Hello My Sexy Reader, I am finally here with another update this is a Scenario and Headcanons challenge again this time the headcanons will be the very base headcanons for the heroes and Villains comment bellow on what you like to see! -Base Yandere Headcanons: Pick 6 of your top favorite from each dc and marvel 12 all together-1: Batman. A blog for DC Comic Imagines, Requests are open, Ships are closed. Reader | Action Fanfiction Romance. [Name] was so happy when he proposed to her and even more happy when they married. Browse; Wattpad Originals; Editor's Picks; The Wattys; #attackontitan #dc #godzilla #killlakill #malereader #marvel #residentevil #skullgirls #supersmashbros #yandere. ” Alternating current is the type of current that comes from a power plant and outlet, in which the current changes directions rapi. I write matchups, headcanons, stories -- you name it! Character x reader, character x character or any combination is more than welcome here!-Join my discord server I'll try to make active! https://discord. #yandere jason todd x reader on Tumblr. See a recent post on Tumblr from @anxiousnerdwritings about yandere Bruce Wayne. Will memoryloss marvelxreader nezuko +18 more # 2. Until your life is not normal anymore. Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google. MAGNETIC [ Yandere Boys X Reader ] by міиі. All you wanted was to be with your childhood best friend, Shaggy SHAGGY! (A marauders era story) 5 pages January 11, 2012 Gorgeous Nightmare. See a recent post on Tumblr from @tiny-1karus about yandere jason todd. Y/n struggles to make her own path in life as she lives in the shadow of a much darker …. (Yandere Various Anime Crossover X Reader) Being born in a family who's brimming with emotions, (Name) was the odd one. Anime & Comics MAGIC HAREM ANIME YANDERE. IV ( HIATUS) Joker Presents: Milk & Cookies Useless People Platonic! Parent Bruce & Batfam: The Baby Papa Alfie College Glass Y/N ‘s Sleep Schedule Toddler Batsis! Dancing HALLOWEEN 2021. Perc couldn’t care less about what cabin you’re in, or who your godly parent is, all he cares about is being able to spend time with you(and even ask you out, if he’s lucky) and he certainly …. See a recent post on Tumblr from @blughxreader about yandere batfamily. Masterlist - Batman/Superman/Batfamily etc Imagines - Part Two - 8/6/21. I'll e Yandere Blueberry X Reader. Read tiny batfamily X reader X tiny superfamily from the story batman family by 444Lin888 (sorry i snapped-) with 5,909 reads. "As your first order from your masters, you have to pleasure us. Hope blossomed in his chest as he saw headlights coming up the hotel driveway. Read Buff SuperGirl x Male Reader (Lemon) from the story Male Reader x Fem Yandere Various 2 by gojira2003 with 16,425 reads. Mera is the full blooded Atlantean daughter of queen Atlanna. Pink, red, and black streamers were pinned to your walls, a giant teddy bear with X's for eyes sat dead center on your couch besides him was your typical heart shaped box of chocolates but the front of the package had been doodled on, stick figures of a woman with pigtails and what looked like you littered the front, each in an adorable display of affection. Be careful, Darling, and good luck. 2 The New Girl Outlaw (Red Hood x Reader x Arsenal) Pt. See a recent post on Tumblr from @imagine--if about Yandere Riddler x reader. His brother was the only constant, which he was fine with. Yandere DCAU x Reader 3 pages November 16, 2020 Jinxed001 Justice League Suicide Squad Yandere | Reader Flash | Fanfiction Horror Romance Dc Dark Green Lantern Superman Batman Superwoman Joker Injustice. Yandere | Reader OC | Fanfiction Romance Drabbles x Reader Yandere x Reader Various x Reader Slice Of Life Harem Ish. Fics in this book are Talia x Reader, Talia x Fem!Reader or Talia x Male!Reader. Yandere Marvel/DC X Reader Oneshots. Yandere! Platonic!All Villians x Shy! Fem! Child!Reader. He adores having deep conversations with his crow, small talk is fine but ends up bothering him in the long run. So much so, he'd love you until your lips turn blue. Your late mother’s pearls scattered around the alley. "Marco, I hope you don't mind making me the usual. Yandere bruce wayne x fem reade she know secret bruce wayne as batman. My Hero Academia various x Reader) In a nearly-quirkless society, The Foundation contains those who cause chaos with their quirks. Read Yandere Cheater x Depressed Reader Boss from the story Male Reader x Fem Yandere Various 2 by gojira2003 with 17,326 reads. They started to kill anyone who gets to touch you or even talk to you. Dick Grayson is the most high maintenance yandere 1 year ago #yandere batfam #yandere x reader #yandere dc #yandere batfam x reader #platonic yandere #yandere #yandere dick grayson #platonic yandere dick grayson #batsis #my art #platonic yandere batfam. Yukio Okumura has had to limit and expand his definition of family many times on his exorcist journey. #watching the sunset with dami and dick 💗 #platonic yandere batfam #yandere batfam #yandere art #yandere x reader #yandere damian wayne #yandere dick grayson In case you aren’t on twt/tiktok, someone made a chart of the 21 most frequent characters as omegas and alphas on ao3, and Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne made the lists …. You may also Choose Yandere Or Yanderes Character(S) X Love Interests Characters. Read Yandere Cheater x Depressed Reader Boss from the story Male Reader x Fem Yandere Various 2 by gojira2003 with 17,333 reads. Yandere batman on Tumblr">#Yandere batman on Tumblr. DCeased (DC Comics) DCU; Relationships: Dick Grayson/Reader; Jason Todd/Reader; Tim Drake/Reader; Yandere Batfamily x Seme Male Reader AFanofEverything90. You are the assistant of Gotham's wealthiest bachelor, Bruce Wayne by day and the assistant of the infamous Dark Knight, Batman, whom you assist as the new Oracle by night. Discover more posts about yandere young justice x reader. Spontaneous Moment ~ Harley Quinn x Male Reader (Y/n) = Your name. Read the most popular damianwaynexreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. When he sees that there's something suspicious in your h childreader. KAWAII (Yandere Various One Piece by Ice. (Yandere Demon Slayer x Hashira Reader) Y/n Haganezuka L/n is a swordsmith's daughter in Swordsmith Village. A shadow monster that lives inside had taken a liking to you and calls you his mate. So when a new candy shop opens in town, you get hired to work there! But your co-workers have a dark secret, and you get dragged into the sticky situation!. I have these one shots on my other Quotev too. gg/vVrdBRR (currently inactive I have had other things to …. Read Female Cooler x Male Reader from the story Male Reader x Fem Yandere Various 2 by gojira2003 with 21,473 reads. “DC” in this context means “direct current. He’d just follow you around like a lovesick puppy, whether it be on your back or from school or if you were just hanging out somewhere. 9K Votes 809 Parts 5 Time 12m Start reading xXYandereWriterXx Ongoing "Oh Baby, Bad luck is in my blood!" What …. Discover more posts about platonic yandere batfam, sibling reader, yandere dc, yandere batfam, gn reader, platonic yandere, and yandere x gn reader. Read Yandere!Galette x Mute!Fem!Reader from the story Yandere Bi Oneshots (Requests Closed For Now) by Nighttra with 18,828 reads. Little does she know about how the butterfly effect works. Yandere Batman Villians X Reader Fanfiction Stories. Language: English Words: 1,762 Chapters: 1/1 Collections: 1 Kudos: 232 Bookmarks: 14 Hits: 5,866; Animals by PlasticDreams Fandoms: Superman - All Media Types Mature;. This is a yandere story; it mentions elements of obsession, possessiveness, death, murder, kidnapping, and physical abuse, more warnings are mentioned in the tags. some of the baddest of the baddest have watched this kid help old people cross the street or carry groceries home or help kids out with the most miscellaneous things and just. I know you love the sea, but you have to understand She does not love you back, not in any healthy way. 9K Votes 809 Parts 5 Time 12m Start reading xXYandereWriterXx Ongoing "Oh Baby, Bad luck is in my blood!" What happens when Dc Heros/Villans fall under an obsession for this new Villain? All Rights Reserved batmanxreader fanfiction fantasy. ♡☆♥︎Alien boy ♡☆♥︎ by A vamp’s bf. Part 1 (Male Yandere x Reader). You've always had an affinity for candies and sweet things. Scenario where the reader takes care of Damian while he is a baby and cries when he returns to normal size. Add to library 103 Discussion 2 Suggest tags. Bruce always spoils his reader. It allows users to view, print, and annotate PDF documents with ease. For starters, Karen appeared to be much. Discover more posts about Yandere Bruce Wayne x reader. She ate with her red leather gloves on as she set her chopsticks down and curiously lifted her. 6K 2K 20 Child!Reader x Yandere!Marvel Who would have thought that one of the avengers meeting a child would have changed the whole outcome of the war that they were facing. Klarion the Witch Boy: He’s a sadistic yandere, the kind who plays terrible games with his darling. Posted On May 10, 2022; With 637 notes; chenlelover liked this. Every step that you take, every breath that you take is so-they can’t even express it! yandere cult who are ready to commit crimes for you. 7K 45 2 Y/n L/n is your typical broke college student who enjoys a good mystery, stemming from all the movies she's seen and the books she's read. Y/n is a badass tomboy with an interesting personality. Warning: Some of the themes and contents written in this fic might be upsetting for some of the readers, read at your own risk. You never had to work a day in your life, never had to get your hands dirty. if you do not comment your requests on this page, i will not remember they are there so please please request on this page and this page only ‼️‼️. You were in an adoption center and the one who adopted you was a rich man with his wife and his children which are twins named Akiro and Kairo. Currently, the male was flying through the clouds, roaring excitedly as he listened to the sound of the thunder. You knew there was something really wrong with you when you started to fall in love with your captor, Hermione Jean Granger, your former best friend who kidnapped you for her personal reasons. In the world of Runeterra, there were many gifted individuals ranging from misfits to pop stars. Sirius black x male reader who is also an animagus but is niffler and his instincts act up in and out of transformation so he always has shiny stuff on him so he doesn’t impulsively steals and strangely sees Sirius as shines even though he really isn’t and is more “I love you and I love shines so you must be shiny!”. An ardent desire or longing particularly a feeling of loss or grief for something lost. Dream was allowed to stay as long as. Reader’s ability for this Headcanon is likely something akin to a good luck charm or invincibility ; though good luck could be very interesting to write as it might protect against yanderes, such as Bruce, finding out their alter ego;. Matt always made protecting Hell's Kitchen his priority, you knew that when you'd begun dating him. YANDERE! Disney characters x FEM! reader one. There will be a lot of mystery, angst, fluff and eventual smut. Damian and the animals are your companions for the most part. Claude de Alger Obelia Adoptied a little girl when he frist met Athanasia everyone in the Palace loves her so much that they would kill for her. A jealous witch curses the wrong human girl. You kissed back and Wally opened his eyes, while yours were closed, and looked at Roy. Steven Universe One Shots by Necr0misis. With Dick who pays careful attention to everyone, it's a betrayal that he would neglect the reader because he should have been an older sibling. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; roxineedstosleep. Yandere Todoroki Clan but in A/B/O dynamics. Angel!yan!Garfield Logan x demon!yan!Damian Wayne. {♡}See Pinned Post{♡} My blog is a random grab bag of dark and horrific content of varying quality, I cover almost anything out of boredom. #rwby x reader #Requests #ruby gillman teenage kraken #Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken x reader #teenage kraken x reader #yandere x reader #no minor's #yandere dc #yandere batfam x reader #yandere batfam #yandere Superfam #yandere rwby. Insanity obsession:Yandere Dream S by Nikei-Yomiuri. You have been warned!) You inherited a mansion on top of a hill in a gated community from your great grandmother after her death. Everyone knew Makoto-Senpai was good with kids. CW cursing, child neglect, sexual harassment, misgendering, drunk person (although not very well written lol), general violence, slight infantilization. M A G I C || Disney Genderbend x Reader || Disney genderbend oneshots originally written by @rebelrxse and republished. What happens when you wake up and find yourself in Disney World, however, the female leads are males, and the plotline is much darker than you remember. Yandere Mentor!Jessica Drew/Spider Woman. Well after the first day of training Selina wants you to help her with a little problem she's been having enjoy:) Language: English. You were so happy to finally be able to live alone only to find out that you are not as alone as you would like to be. Discover more posts about Yandere Dc villains x reader. Yandere Batman x reader x yandere batboys poly of course age up Daman The reader is raven sister who has powers like her sister and they share her she is pergnet with Bruce baby first obviously and she got away with the help of her sister Raven and her dad and five years later they find her and give her a punishment while the child doesn't know. Kenneth “Ken” Sean Carson x male reader. and he handed you a Christmas ornament and asked you to hang it on the tree. What’s that? Someone sent you a pdf file, and you don’t have any way to open it? And you’d like a fast, easy method for opening it and you don’t want to spend a lot of money? In fact, you’d like it free? No problem — here’s the solution. Get ratings and reviews for the top 10 foundation companies in Washington, DC. 9 pages February 6, 2021 Miss jackson the fallen angel. You’re too tired, but can’t seem to fall asleep, either. Read Yandere Stalker x female reader: Letters from the story Yandere x reader Oneshots by NightmareReaper2723 (Reaper) with 16,928 reads. (Yandere Simulator x Female! Raibaru! Reader) — During your final moments of life, you, (Y/n), had ultimately wished to live a life much different than the fated one you got. 2 SMUT from the story YJ/Batbros/ DC Movie Boys x Reader by RaphieTaffie with 5,373 reads. The day you entered your art class, was the day you saw him. status: unedited I feel like the scenario you’ve given can go two ways depending on how far the reader has gone through their personality development (keep in mind most of my marvel knowledge comes from …. Also, I might make more wine shots, and I have a few ideas but I DK. Damianwaynexreader Stories. ♡Innocence♡ by Demonslayermurder. See a recent post on Tumblr from @your-yandere-kiss about yandere lex luthor x reader. residentevil, supersmashbros, attackontita Browse. He was completely and utterly enthralled. Washington DC is a city filled with history, culture, and politics. Facilier x reader) Sat, Nov 6, 2021. You, a 13 year old, shy but caring girl, has a friend. #yandere alice in borderland on Tumblr. Here's what you need to know about Washington, DC's famed cherry trees and how to see them in full bloom this spring. #yandere x reader on Tumblr. From birth, dragons "hunted" you. My Beloved // Yandere! Damian Wayne x Reader (Injustice Era). Yandere | Reader | Adventure Romance X Reader. (I don't own any pictures, except for cover picture) (Yandere Reverse Harem x Reader) (Yandere Genderbend Princesses and …. Originally posted by makoto-shinkai. But it still came as a surprise when they pulled that mask off your face to reveal the lightly battered face of a young child: Keep reading. Yandere Batfamily x Seme Male Reader by AFanofEverything90 Fandoms: DCeased (DC Comics), DCU This is the first part of Tim Drake x Reader fanfic. (Y/N) and her younger brothers were alone at home while their father and older brother were out hunting. New Yandere Harem X Reader Stories. Y/N mezo the oldest daughter of the Mezo family. Much like Joker, Jonathan will become a constant presence. Twisted Love // Yandere! Klarion x Reader. Lights Out (Yandere DC x f!Reader) by AnxiousComicNerd 1. When (Y/n) was about 14 and a half years old, her demonslayeryandere. Ultimate Hope! Reader) — Born as the Ultimate Hope, you found yourself wondering just how your presence was going to change the world for the better. Reaching out, you took my gloved hand in your arms and, in that moment, everything changed. Reverse Harem x Yandere! Male Reader] — The visual novel game River Devoid of Life was one of your favourite game. It takes monumental discipline not to break people’s ear drums from …. When you were away it was like their whole world fell apart and they would do anything to keep you by their side so that never happened. #platonic x reader #platonic yandere #yandere x reader #x reader #platonic #tw yandere #yandere #media analysis #character analysis #yandere scarecrow #yandere killer croc #yandere penguin #yandere joker #yandere harley quinn #yandere harley and joker #yandere batman villains #yandere batman #platonic yandere batman #use of the word …. You did not take our confession well, we did not anticipate this. Requests: CLOSED on Tumblr. Because of your loyal bond with your childhood best friend, you hide the ugly truth that she is a psychotic lover. yandere batfam ">@ searching fics — How do you think yandere batfam. See a recent post on Tumblr from @lovverletters about yandere OC. Fandoms Toxic Traits:You're My Poison (REQUEST OPEN) 5 pages 10 months ago WhyamIhere Yandere | Reader | Fanfiction Horror Short Stories X Reader Platonic Romantic Yanderes Sans Au Undertale Ddlc. There was always crime going on by either mindless idiots or villains like poison ivy or killer croc. Planning to perform at a banquet hel. Deadpool X-Men Yandere | Reader | Fanfiction Romance Yandere Various Yandere Dc Yandere Marvel Yandere X Men Yandere Deadpool (Name) (Last Name) is a smart girl and is on a project for contacting other worlds, what happens when she finds one and …. dc, which includes young justice, JLA and multiple comic characters! What about yandere platonic Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince with reader who has a fever and then calls them mom/dad in their daze and even ask them to stay with them a little longer and end up holding. I write matchups, headcanons, stories -- you name it! Character x reader, character x character or any combination is more than welcome here!. We are your best friends and you have claimed you loved us a million times, I admit Jon had been impulsive in the moment and it can be quite frightening but you should know that Jon and I would never hurt you, and you should be able to admit running out, abandoning your friends was also a …. he is 500 years old, like yeah sure you get resurrected by the pit, but those knees arent gonna last forever. Read A Sudden Proposal // Yandere! Lex Luthor x Sugar Baby! Reader. Oh please talk about any trauma or fears with him, or simply your worries. The Emperor has taken over every single other kingdom, country and nation known to man. MHA Yandere | Reader League of Villains | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Paranormal Ua Yandere X Reader Yandere Bnha X Reader Soft Yandere. Discover more posts about Dc villains x reader. See a recent post on Tumblr from @animeyanderelover about yandere masterlist. As soon as you were able to hug him, your feet came up to his knee pads and your hands clutched onto his shoulders. YANDERE HERMIONE GRANGER HEADCANONS. 𝐏𝐄𝐎𝐏𝐋𝐄 𝐄𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐑 | 𝐘𝐀𝐍𝐃 by hoezzert. Yandere Bi Oneshots (Requests Closed For Now). 5K 8 You and your symboite are just trynna vibe so why the hell are all these super freaks coming out the woodwork?? YANDERE Batfam x Symboite Reader This story is a yandere yanderevarious damian yanderetimdrake +10 more # 2 Endless Again by botosbinted 1. Discover more posts about yandere batfam, platonic yandere batfam, yandere x gn reader, yandere jason todd, yandere dc, platonic yandere, and yandere batman. "Love is not about how much you say. You’d been found by Harley while she was roaming the streets with her beloved hyenas. Yandere Colossus/Piotr Rasputin. Depending on the type, you may also see it referred to as either a linear or switching regulator. As soon as he saw your cute little face, he was about as red as a pomegranate. he’d love to see how the Witch Boy would react seeing that his precious darling was stolen from him. Sawyer falls in love with you, but in the most unhealthiest way possible (Yandere Male x Reader) (More info in the first chapter) You lived a pretty good life. but when she takes on the night feeding shift, an accident happens. Ill be basing the different kinds of yanderes off this post. yandere cult who literally worship you. He’s always there with an innocent yet obsessed smile on his face. Her breasts pressed against her soulmate's own. The sound of an engine coming closer pulled him from his thoughts. They just follow everything that you do. The reader of course declines his request, and Marc/Steven/Jake get into an argument with the reader about going (“the world and the multiverse are in danger” blah blah blah “you shouldn’t have to risk your life” blah blah blah “there’s a child’s life on the line” blah blah blah- you get it). A demon king falls in love with a human but cheats and remarries a new woman leaving his sweet belo Unspoken (BNHA x Male child reader) 35 parts. But Y/N pushes him away from the knife, Y/N got a cut. Yandere | Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Zombie Dystopia Love X Reader Random The Death Tarot Gore Lemon (Y/n) was not the same after her boyfriend went missing. Cursed by the gods and feared by all. #yandere Jonathan Crane on Tumblr. Add to library 76 Discussion 10 Suggest tags. Browse; Paid Stories; Editor's Picks; The Wattys; (Yandere Superboy x Reader) Pt. Beneath his watchful gaze, you leave work, run some errands, pick up takeout from the Chinese place, and head home. Direct current (DC) is a type of electrical power commonly provided by solar cells and batteries. He had meant to keep a low profile, of course, but with a model as beautiful as his, he couldn’t help but stand out. Washington DC is a city that’s brimming with history, culture, and politics. The only member of staff that did care was the Psychiatrist assigned to you Dr. Can you guys believe that Kens name is Kenneth?? What the hell,,,,, I loved the Barbie movie btw, I loved how worshippy Ken was, cuz what’s better than a guy that would kiss the ground you walk on. Over time, you've learned to hide your feelings. Y/n departed her suit from her body, as she tilted her head in the mirror while looking at her rippling abs and muscles, but it wasn't too over the top to make it seem like she was a muscle junkie, it fitted the size of her body. Yandere | Reader | Romance Yandere Dc Yandere Dc X Reader Yanderexreader Yandere X Reader Insert Dc X Reader Batman X Reader Yandere X Reader Following in your fathers footsteps is gonna be a little bit hard with Gotham’s heavy hitter watching your every move GreenGoblin!Reader x Yandere!Dc characters Each character is …. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Browse #attackontitan #dc #godzilla #killlakill #malereader #marvel #residentevil #skullgirls #supersmashbros #yandere. We both have hit writers' block and were bored so öp; meliodas; opmalereader +6 more Yandere female uppermoons and muza by Vritra. In the mind of Queen of the seven seas he belonged to her, he was destined to be with her, HE WILL BE WITH HER he was only delaying what's is inevitable. Big Bad Wolf (Yandere! Makoto Tachibana x Child! Reader) 13 pages July 15, 2019 Sakura-chan. Lies [Yandere! Levi x Reader] [AU] She has been married to him for so much time now; to the man of her dreams, Levi Ackerman. You yelped and jumped away from the kiss, you hissed at the pain, and took the dart out. To be honest, you thought Tom liked scaring you, you weren't really fond of him at all, not even the slightest. Mostly because their leader had drilled that you need to be protected and were just meek and timid. #yandere dc x reader #dc x reader #lemon #batfamxreader More you might like. Yandere Assassin x Reader A corporation created solely for the purpose of killing targeted you, the daughter of one of the most powerful CEOs in the world. Y/n grabbed her chopsticks and began to eat not minding the man's fierce gaze stuck solely on her. Discover more posts about yandere batman, yandere x gn reader, yandere x reader, yandere batfam, yandere fanfiction, yandere dc, and platonic yandere. Chapter 1: Request Open Again And Rules Chapter Text. 9K Votes 752 Parts 7 Time 1h 0m Start reading your-yandere-kiss Ongoing Mature All your favorite DC heroes and villains with a delightfully dark yandere twist🖤 All Rights Reserved batfamily batmanfanfiction dccomics justiceleauge yandere yanderedc yanderexreader youngjustice Table of contents. You jumped away from his body and at the same time you pushed Batman backwards. Deadpool Wade Wilson x Reader deadpool x reader Colossus x Reader Piotr Rasputin x Reader NTW x reader Ellie phimister x reader Cable x reader Nathan summers x reader Deadpool imagine marvel. Ben finally beats Vilgax, but with a huge cost. Calling Miruko mom instead of Rei. The city of Gotham was as busy and as gloomy as always, a heavy rain pouring down onto the crowded streets. This is a Yandere book, so if you don't like it, don't read it. Read Mystique x Male Shape Shifter Reader from the story Male Reader x Fem Yandere Various 2 by gojira2003 with 22,163 reads. Masterlist: DC [[MORE]]Artemis Grace aka Artemis of Bana-Mighdall Bruce Wayne aka Batman “- Brighten! (Gender neutral reader) - Need the Money (NSFW, sugar baby fem reader) - Once Upon a Time (NSFW, REMEMBER TO BE GENTLE (REQUESTS CLOSED) — Masterlist: DC. ******* Being summoned in a place where superheroes exist looks fun. Read Yandere Female Burning Godzilla x Male Reader from the story Male Reader x Fem Yandere Various 2 by gojira2003 with 12,614 reads.